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FLIR regularly publishes application stories where you can read how our customers are using FLIR infrared cameras and thermal imaging solutions.


chemicals améliore la sécurité de ses sites avex la technologie infrarouge de FLIR Systems

BP Chemicals jouit d'une réputation mondiale pour la production d'acide acétique, et détient une part importante de ce marché. Il existe une demande mondiale pour sa technologie Cativa de carbonylation du méthanol, en particulier en Asie, où la société continue à établir de nouveaux partenariats de fabrication.

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Dépistage des fuites de gaz: Problèmes de maintenance et de sécurité mis en lumière

Avec plus de 160 000 kilomètres de tuyauteries en tout genre, la raffinerie Shell Netherlands de Pernis (Rotterdam) est la plus grosse raffinerie pétrolière d'Europe. Les considérations relatives à la sécurité et à l'environnement sont fermement ancrées dans l'entreprise, ses systèmes qualité et ses processus de gestion de la production.

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Vattenfall détecte les fuites de gaz dangereuses pour l'environnement avec la caméra FLIR GasFindIR LW

Cinquième plus grand producteur européen d'électricité, plus grand fournisseur d'énergie en Suède, Vattenfall est une des premières sociétés de ce secteur à avoir investi dans une caméra FLIR GasFindIR LW. Cette caméra est utilisée, en autre, pour inspecter les sectionneurs et les transformateurs dans les installations à haute tension, afin de détecter les fuites d'hexafluorure de soufre (SF6), un gaz dangereux pour l'environnement.

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Remote detection and localization of gas leaks with autonomous mobile inspection robots in technical facilities

Detection of gas leaks in industrial facilities cannot only be dangerous and time-consuming; it is also susceptible to human error and interpretation. In order to provide a safer, more efficient and more reliable detection solution, RoboGasInspector was conceived. This innovative robot system for remote detection and localization of gas leaks was developed by a range of German companies and institutes, and uses a FLIR GF320 optical gas imaging camera.

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Ten tips to get the most out of your Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) camera

Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras use spectral wavelength filtering and sterling cooler cold filtering technology to visualize the infrared absorption of VOC/Hydrocarbon, SF6, refrigerants, Carbon Monoxide and other gases whose spectral absorption matches the response of the camera.

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Integral UK helps its customers save costs and reduce downtime of chillers.

Chillers commonly use refrigerant gas to provide cooling and therefore temperature control for large commercial properties. Integral is a maintenance specialist, who regularly maintains those assets on behalf of some of the largest clients in Great Britain, many of them household names.

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Inspectahire relies on the FLIR GF320 Optical Gas Imaging camera for maintenance inspections and hydrocarbon leak detection in the offshore oil and gas industry

Established in 1981, Inspectahire is a leading international supplier of specialist remote visual inspection technology and solutions to companies in many industries around the world.  Supported by the most advanced technologies around, Inspectahire helps its customers manage their safety, profitability and environmental impact of their assets. When the company is tasked with the detection of fugitive hydrocarbon emissions, FLIR’s GF320 Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) camera is their preferred technology to use.

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Czech utility company uses FLIR GF306 optical gas imaging to check for SF6 leaks

Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) is used as an insulating gas in the distribution of high voltage electrical power. It allows substation equipment to be more compact. SF6 is also a very potent greenhouse gas, however. Leaks in the equipment therefore not only endanger the continuity of power distribution, the leaks also have consequences for the environment.

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FLIR optical gas imaging camera helps improve environment and safety at Borealis Stenungsund

Many petrochemical plants handle invisible gaseous hydrocarbons. Most of these gases pose some sort of safety aspects. They may be toxic, or can cause health issues in case of long term exposure. Others are highly flammable, explosive even, and most of them will have a negative impact on the environment if they enter the atmosphere in large quantities. That is why leak detection is of vital importance in these petrochemical plants.

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Environmental protection with a FLIR optical gas imaging camera

Some industrial, pharmaceutical and petrochemical plants emit gases that can harm the environment and impede the health of company employees and inhabitants of the surrounding area. Environmental protection agencies have the responsibility to make sure that these emissions fall within governmental and international policy guidelines. To help them with that task environmental protection agencies can use an optical gas imaging camera.

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A FLIR infrared furnace camera for high temp industrial applications watches hydro reformers at German Bayernoil refinery complex

Stable high temperatures and efficient combustion in refinery furnaces, heaters and boilers are mandatory for a continuous output of high-quality oil derivates. An Infrared camera for industrial high temperature applications in hazardous areas has been developed by FLIR to keep these installations up and running efficiently.

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Bayernoil refinery uses FLIR gas detection cameras to detect leaks

Biggest refinery in southern Germany integrates a gas detection camera into its leak detection and repair programs.

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FLIR GasFindIR™ infrared camera at Norwegian landfill

Economic and environmental concerns push for an increasingly streamlined waste disposal, treatment, neutralization and recycling process. Waste treatment companies increasingly turn into energy suppliers. The GasFindIR gas detection infrared camera supports these trends by providing immediate and tangible results.

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FLIR thermal imaging cameras reveal what's behind the flames

Petroval uses both cooled and uncooled thermal imaging cameras from FLIR Systems for technical audits


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