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Support for FLIR Vue, Tau and other thermal camera cores can be found at the link below.

FLIR Vue and Tau Cameras | FLIR Systems  

Tau, Vue and other OEM camera support
Phone: (866) 667-7732

Airframe and system support for UAV’s that are sold through FLIR resellers can be found at the DJI link below

DJI Airframes | FLIR Systems  

DJI Airframes
Phone: (818) 235-0789

Training and certification dates for UAV thermography applications including roof moisture inspections, building diagnostics, PV arrays and more can be found via the link below.

ITC Training | FLIR Systems  

Learn more and request a quote:
+1 (603) 324-7783
+1 866-872-4647(US & Canada)