Powerful, Heavy-Payload Robot

Kobra™ 725

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Kobra 725 provides unmatched strength, power, and payload support. The robot is designed to be a remote operational platform with a manipulator arm capable of lifting heavy loads. Kobra 725 is highly maneuverable in rough terrain and able to climb stairs. The state-of-the-art, IOP-compliant system allows for future payload expansion. Kobra 725 allows easy integration and deployment of a large range of accessories for EOD, CBRN/HazMat, breaching, and other applications.

  • Powerful and Compact

    Lift capacity of 330 lb (150 kg) and vertical reach of 138” (350 cm) yet stows into a compact footprint and is transportable in small vehicles.

  • Superior Mobility in Tough Terrain

    Extricates itself from rough environments where other robots get stuck or damaged. Surmounts obstacles like jersey barriers.

  • Situational Awareness

    Multiple HD cameras. Zoom and illumination capability at your fingertips.

One Controller for Many Robots

Kobra 725 is controlled by the uPoint® Multi-Robot Control System, featuring a touchscreen-based ruggedized tablet that allows an operator to select from across the family of connected robots. The familiarity of this Android™-based controller results in a significantly reduced learning curve for robot operators. uPoint also benefits from superior wireless communications. The MPU5 radio operating on the Wave Relay® MANET, allows robots to penetrate deeper into complex structures and further downrange than ever before.

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Kobra™ 725